Creating engagement through culture.


A strong company culture attracts better talent and, importantly, helps to engage and retain that talent.

Employee engagement shouldn’t be taken lightly. When people feel like they belong, they’re more likely to stick around. On top of this, the level of engagement an employee feels for an organisation has been linked to improved productivity, and customer satisfaction.

What can you do?

  • Company culture is often driven by leadership styles. Take stock of how your leader’s approach are impacting business.
  • Make sure you have an effective onboarding and training programme for new starters.
  • Get social. Studies show the more friends people have at work, the more engaged they are.
  • Focus on employee development and celebrating successes.
  • Set company goals and involve your team in reaching them.
  • Get clear on your employee value proposition – 31% of new hires leave within the first year many due to employers not being able to deliver to their promise.

How we can help

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Tailored Advice & Support

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your EVP is an internal promise to your employees that defines what people get from working for your company. It helps you build your brand’s internal and external perception and attract and retain talent for your organisation. We work alongside many of our members and non-members to help them develop a clear and unique EVP that attracts and retains the talent they need to grow their business.

Leadership Development

Successful organisations have effective leaders. Leaders influence a variety of outcomes — including turnover, customer satisfaction, sales, revenue, productivity, and more. EMA works with members and non-members to design customised training and development programmes to meet the unique needs of your team and organisation.